Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Distractions, distractions

I am putting another "bookmark" in my mind here. Please forgive the rather detached-ness with anything in particular in my life. But my mind was piqued yet again with a certain occurrence having a great similarity with an occurrence nearly four years ago. And the bottom line in both of these occurrences is my need to wrestle with scripture until I get it right, and plead with the Holy Spirit to give me wisdom as I read and seek to discern what the will of the Lord is. It is so easy to read a passage of scripture and make a quick assumption that we know what it means. But that isn't always the case; we don't always have that instant understanding.

We are given so much in society, we don't have to go looking for much anymore. We have cell phones that tell us where the nearest pizza place is if we will only speak our preference into the microphone, GPS that instantly tells us where we are, and multi-media presentations that put all of the information together in one neat package that precludes any necessity to go out and actually get our hands dirty with the facts ourselves. Now, I'm not advocating reinventing the wheel. However, I think there is a laziness that pervades our current society that should cause those who wish to be sober to stop and question whether the amount of effort we put into something (understanding God's Word, for example) couldn't be greater and more robust. We are called to seek wisdom as for precious metals and gems. It has a high value. We should esteem it so, and our efforts to gain it ought to convey that value.

Lord, grant me the heart of repentance and humility necessary to seek out the wisdom found in Your Word alone. May I never merely accept my own understanding of scripture without asking You first for your aid in understanding. And may I not be lazy about seeking out wisdom, halfheartedly as if it was not worth the immeasurable value your Word tells me that it is.