Thursday, December 29, 2011

Evening thoughts

Sitting here in my living room, having just finished off a few bites of stuffing, and preparing to drink a modified steamer in the hopes it will allow me to sleep through the night. Some websites recommended eating before bed to prevent the 4 am melatonin-killing, heart-pounding adrenaline rushes. In my experience, it only worsens it. Oh well. Moving on.

It's already late as it is, but I'm still awake giving thought to a very serious matter. Serious to a semi-young person who still has not shaken all of the "who am I?" matter from the tips of her cerebrum. Even at almost 33 years, the temptation to contort who I am into the perceived boxes of others is a very real and very dangerous threat. So, I thought I'd spend some time tonight reminding myself of a few things:

  • Don't turn your back on who God made you, simply because you're not like others.
  • Don't question your interests simply because they're different from others' interests. The Lord has made you for a reason, and given you those interests for a purpose.
  • If you seek God's kingdom first, you CAN enjoy the interests He has given you with a clear conscience.
  • Don't long to think like or be like others when you know God has clearly given you desires and thoughts that lead as a path to Him.
  • Remember: Others May, But You Cannot.
When the fleshly desire to be liked, to be accepted, to be understood by others gets intense, remember that there's nothing wrong with being different, having different interests, skills and abilities. God has clearly done this with a purpose in mind. Don't tempt God to discipline you back in line when you can easily submit, trust, and follow the Holy Spirit's leading in your life, including the earthly abilities and gifts you've been given.

LORD, please HELP me to invest wisely the gifts You've given me, and not to let the feeling of "standing out" hinder me from loving and serving my brothers and sisters. You have given me the gifts of architect, storm-chaser, weather observer and photographer, and I will be held accountable for their wise investment. Please graciously grant me WISDOM and STRENGTH to do with them what brings You the most glory. Amen.


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