Monday, March 30, 2009

Where I've Been

  • I've come to settle temporarily on a future destination. Jetmore, KS, leave the light on for me. And maybe about 80 acres on yer west.
  • Discovering that of all our dreams for this life, should God choose not to bless them, He will absolutely provide something in its place.
  • A life lived in patient and humble obedience is the life best lived.
  • Cultivating godly character is a pursuit worth the time and effort, the sweat and the tears.
  • I am a creature of God whose life is but as the grass, and who should not worry about life overtaking her at an overwhelming speed like volcanic ash down a mountain, lest I keep apace. No, God will sustain me even at a slower pace in life, because this is all about His renown.
  • Oh, the quietness and peace about me I used to consider such a bane, as a stormy petrel is wont to do. But I've discovered that this very nuisance is actually but a grander blessing than can be weighed on earthly scales.

Monday, March 02, 2009

From an actual product's website:

This simulated stone is hand crafted from natural stone and is nearly impossible to detect.

So, don't go looking for our stone on your walls... you're likely going to have a hard time finding it.