Thursday, October 04, 2007

My, how fast they grow.

I sponsor a little girl in Guatemala through Compassion Intl. Her name is Delia and she will be 5 years old Oct 23rd.

I received an updated picture in the mail today, and my heart swelled like never before to see this adorable little girl grow. This must be something of what it's like to have kids. To see them go from point A to point B. In my case, almost overnight, because I don't get to see her every day like her mother does.

As much as I'm NOT for the social gospel, I AM, however, for taking a child under my wings and teaching them the gospel. I cannot model it for her, I can only pray that those around her model that. But I CAN write her and expose her early to the truth. I think that is the most important. I cannot oversee everything that goes into her head, but I can prayerfully present to her the gospel in its entirety with the expectation that if the Holy Spirit opens her eyes to the truth, she will have something that will lead her to the scriptures for the whole truth.

Please pray for little Delia.


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh she's so cute! I didn't remember that you sponsored a child thru CI. (maybe you didn't mention it!)

Our little one is in Indonesia. Her name is Kila.


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