Friday, November 30, 2007

Okay, one more post

I needed to clean. It was getting bad. I can look at a kitchen sink full of dishes for only so long.

So I put on Job.

It was so refreshing, and much like the exhortations I have been reading from my fellow bloggers, it was absolutely necessary.

Especially from Elihu. What wisdom and discernment from this young man. What humility in his speech. It left my heart praising God, and repenting for my selfish, bitter thoughts of late. Despite the blessings all around me, which come only from the hand of God, and the hedge He has quite obviously placed around me, I was still discontent. How sad.

Just today I was almost T-boned by a van running a red light. He stopped maybe fifteen feet from the side of my car. I couldn't NOT think that God was holding that back. He could have just let the man keep going, continuing to ignore his obviously red light. He could have let the brakes fail. It could have been a large flat-bed truck instead of a work-van.

I am hedged in by a good and gracious God. All glory and honour to HIM.


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