Friday, November 30, 2007


I am currently "officially" MIA for the board exam monday morning.

However, this thought crossed my mind (again).

Balance. Is it really possible? And if so, is it really a good idea? I hear of a LOT of people trying to reach it (no one is ever maintaining, if you ask me), but no one ever seems to find it. And as a believer, there are some things that just SHOULDN'T be balanced. Let's see, can I find a healthy balance of sin and holiness in my life? See what I mean?

Let's take this test for example. I took off 1.5 days of work (plus two weekend days) to study study study. I really don't think I could possibly be adequately prepared without taking such drastic measures. I plan to do the same for the remaining two tests after this one. Some things just REQUIRE throwing EVERYTHING off that HINDERS.... is this starting to sound familiar? I'll let you all fill in the blanks amongst yourselves. I need to get back to "architecting". (my word)

*click* *click*


At 11:33 AM, Blogger Matt said...

Balance between holiness and sin? Well, maybe there is.

I don't think God wants us to actually be perfect, or even to strive to be. If he didn't really want us to sin, why did he design us with that capability/desire? Why all the laws and savior and stuff if he didn't intend for us to sin?

People who live and sin are always growing and learning to appreciate God in a real way. People who are always trying to be perfect seem to always be stagnant and never get closer to their goal.

Also, there's a big difference between holy and sinless. Holy people sin, a lot. Just look at Israel.


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