Saturday, May 19, 2007

Take a look

Did a little "shopping" today.
The cat is existing.
The lens is new.
I finally got the 17-40L that I was drooling over the last time I went chasing with Martin. I still cannot believe it was almost half the price it was last summer. And today was the second day they were running an instant rebate on it. Had I bought it earlier this week, I wouldn't have gotten that. Talk about a blessing!!! But I'm loving this lens. The more I'm shooting with it, the happier I am I bought it. I was feeling a tinge of buyer's remorse on my way home (I rarely spend this much at once without feeling guilty, or without actually owing it to begin with) and called my dad. The truth is, I can (and often do) spend this much in little bits without seeing anything as a result. Best to spend it all at once on something I can use over and over.
I feel better already.
Need any weddings shot (or sung at)?
Go ahead and click on the picture to see the full-sized image, which is straight from the body, with no adjustments for contrast or additional sharpening.
*big grin*

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