Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have realized that it has taken me thirty years to finally "grow up".

- I desire to be in the Word on my own, digging and finding out for myself what it says so that I may be able to refute those who contradict.

- I desire to work hard at work, and not slack off. To not do the least amount to get by, but to be excellent in everything that I attempt.

- I desire to use my free time wisely, either to educate myself further in natural matters, or in spiritual matters, or to serve others in the Body of believers.

- I desire to be in the world so that I may more fully engage those who are not believers with the truth of Jesus Christ.

- I desire to leave some of the more childish things behind, to stop looking back toward Egypt for safety and security, but to the face of God for upholding with His righteous right hand.

- I desire to daily nurture that blessed hope of the glory of God, and not neglect any longer to think on it and to live each day in the light of it.


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