Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Under Pressure

I am discovering in this fallen world of business, in which I work, that there is a great pressure to "ignore" the rules. It really is sin manifested in the actions of those around me, my coworkers. It engulfs me as a great pressure to fall in line with the consensus of the office, even if it is illegal. And all I can do is pray for a spiritual mind to combat the ruler of the air who rules in my office at the moment. It is very easy to forget that He is with me, protecting me, guiding me, correcting me, sheltering me, teaching me. But He is. He is kind always. Kind to me. To think anything less is blatant egregious sin.

It is easy to get frustrated and angry. But I am discovering that compassion OUGHT to be the response of my heart, because they are lost, and I was like them once, too. Compassion was the driving motive for Christ's manifestation among us, for His condescension, and His grace to us. Compassion was behind Christ's personal rescue of my soul from danger, His administering salve to open my eyes, His clothing me with His righteousness, His bestowing me with every inconceivable blessing and wealth that is from above. Compassion coupled with the truth ought to be the response to the pressure around me to live according to the standards of this present world, which is passing away with its lusts.

Lord, please grant us a compassionate heart, such as you have for your lost sheep, that we may lovingly convey the truth to those around us, even in the blazing heat of opposition. Teach our hearts to hold fast to the truth that no one can harm us, even though we are pressed and distressed.


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