Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thoughts on books

I have been giving great consideration to the weather lately. From surface lows that unequally transport heat and water vapour across the face of the ground, to the severity of severe weather, to the gracious yielding of rain when most of the rest of the state is under the highest fire danger level. I used to give it sole consideration as an expression of architecture, but recently my mental emphasis has shifted. It seems that these past few months prior to the chase week have been void of any uniquely pressing matters, and have left me with more time with the Lord. I have been meditating on His goodness and Providence in great measure, and have been applying that knowledge to the weather.

So, about books. Perhaps this is just a little place mark to come back to one day, but I hope to write a book about the weather and the goodness of God. But also the power of God, the gentleness and kindness of God, the Providence of God, the wrath and might of God, and the mercy and grace of God. Who knows what will come of this little manuscript. Perhaps nothing. Perhaps I'll pair it with a handful of photos and make a nice Christmas gift with it, who knows.

But all things ought to result in ceaseless praise to God.


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