Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What could possibly be more important than meditating on the Word. On Jesus Christ. On what He did for us. But what is the last thing I make time in my schedule for? This very important thing.

When something attempts to take your attention away from meditation, stop and realize what an important and vital communion with the Lord you are walking away from. Schedule it in, and don't break that appointment.


At 5:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meditation, in any form, is not a bad idea. It gives you distance to your life. However, I find Christian meditation deeply contradictive.
Reason is the following:
One of meditation's goals is to achieve a state, in which one can get a distance to his/her own feelings, indifferent. BUT how one can be indifferent, when Christian ideology implies that we should feel guilty/thankful (depending on the occasion). Neither of this feelings makes sense anyway - why feel guilty, if you haven't done anything wrong (no reasonable person will take shit about original sin seriously), and why feel thankful, if we're surrounder (partly, but still) by sickness, abuse, poverty, incompetence. And loads of this is because of religion's existence!

Think about it, and meditate in right context.


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