Friday, October 03, 2008

Going home

Vista gave way to vista as I moved silently over the land that called me its child the moment it beheld my gaze. And while I was headed down a familiar road, I was sure I had never seen any of this before. The land seemed to speak with a clarity I had never heard, but in a language that was my first. It had only been an eternal highway moving beneath me, a constant alarm of yellow to my left, a blinking beacon of white to my right. But now, Mammatus clouds. Virga. Kelvin Helmholtz waves crashing in increasingly violent succession to my left, echoing a disturbance within not unlike a tropical depression. It soon became Hurricane Marcia making landfall on the west coast of my car, tears flowing like the wind and rain at 75 mph.

I pulled off the highway to take advantage of Ardmore's $3.19/ gal of gas, and watched the sun set from Starbucks.

This is home.

*Update: $2.89 in the city just down the street from my folks' house. Woo hoo! Let's go chasing!*


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