Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Whatever your hands find to do...

I'm sipping a hot cup of office-made raspberry mocha (a little of this, a little of that), and still feeling the cold air on me from my walk to the office this morning. I can't believe it is almost October. Wasn't just yesterday February? *sigh*

I'm thinking about what I do here at work. And while working hard here is not to be sacrificed for foolish pursuits, I had a small revelation yesterday. During lunch I decided to fix the matting for my Amateur Radio License wall certificate. The matte that I bought was too small, and I needed to widen the opening to show all the information. I measured and marked and measured again, then cut. And then something happened. I began to realize that I was much more fulfilled, much more satisfied, and felt much more useful when I worked with my hands like that. In a way that I don't at work. At work, I just accomplish tasks because they have to be accomplished at the office, and because they pay me to do them. But they are not satisfying in any way. Not in the way cutting and measuring are.

This is probably what got me through studios in school. I was not the best designer, but I just enjoyed the building part. With the weather getting a bit cooler, it just might be "project time" once again. A few things I'd like to do are: take my bike apart and clean it, then reassemble it (with no extra pieces), build an amateur radio for use in the house, build a scale model of the underground housing subdivision I've been thinking of...

So, while it was a relief to feel such pleasure at that, it was frustrating to know that that will probably not be a part of my life while here at this office.


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL! You kill me!


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