Friday, May 09, 2008

A cup of coffee in my hands.

There is so much to say.

Chapter Four of Spiritual Depression dealt with three things, in this order: mind, heart and will. Our doctrine (mind) informs our heart which directs our will. This is what I have been saying recently, and now it has been further explained to me. "Yes, Marcia, daily time in the Word is crucial. It will inform your mind, heart and will. Are you struggling with anything? Look no further than to your own spiritual discipline in the Word." It was a long chapter, abounding with insights. It leads well into Chapter Five "That One Sin", which we will, Lord willing, get into next time.

I finished a marathon of image editing last night for my first wedding. I will reiterate here what I said previously: Do not complain about what your wedding photographer charges; they earn every penny, and then some. If the portfolio recommends the price, pay it. They know what they're doing. You can check the gallery for the images. I may post more later, but that is all I thumbed in my hazy state last night.

So, I'm trading my cell phone for amateur radio, my desktop for a laptop, my CAD for a camera, my office for an SUV, my apartment for a motel room, my Starbucks for truck stop sludge. My digestive system is going to hate me in about ten days. I hope the photos will all be worth it, though.

Praise the Lord.


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