Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Old Projects

Well, in light of the trip coming up in less than a week (can it be?) there are two things on my mind.

The first is that I really hope my riding in the rain this morning, along with the hard riding I've been putting my lungs under lately, does not cause worsening asthma or walking pneumonia. I can be a bit of a hypochondriac; I'll openly admit it. My sensitive trachea is asking for a day off. But I did ride rather hard to avoid being struck by lightning (a personal aversion) and to get out of the "red" radar signature. Yes, I was that dumb. Had I reviewed the radar before going out (who knew?) I would NOT have gone. With those yellow lenses, though, the threatening sky looks deceptively less so. In fact, it can look downright friendly. So, by mile 15, I was just hoping I was not dealing with a gust front or a downburst. And, of course, the lightning. To avoid any more exposure than necessary, I even drove home in my cycling shoes, after which I decided must be illegal.

The second is that book idea. I started a brief bibliography after the first year of chasing with Jenna and we hashed out some of the details as I described to her the architecture inherent in severe weather and sculpted clouds. She was mesmerized by the idea. I thought it would be a good idea to start researching everything. But the tests took highest priority. And the list is in a folder now. So, now that there is some room to breathe, I am reconsidering my pursuit of this piece of literature, this visual and written anthology of works regarding the mostly agreed-upon facets of spaces that designers are constantly crying for and touting in their designs that are inherently present in the sky. In all of nature even. For there is nothing new under the sun.

We have Kevin Lynch's Image of the City. We have Christopher Alexander's A Pattern Language. I would say that those are two very good places to begin. Now, though, I need to brush up on my writing skills. So, while I am on the road next week, I am bringing a journal along with my camera. I plan to start chronicling the sights and sounds of the prairie, the sky, and their range of temperaments and dispositions.

The greatest obstacle in my mind, the greatest fear, I think, is disregarding the holy in all of this. God alone is the greatest architect, the greatest designer. His glory is inherent in everything. We humans are so easily desensitized to the magnificence of our surroundings. I marveled just the other day at eating a banana. I did nothing to ensure that the necessary nutrients would be present in that banana. They just were. I couldn't do anything to create such a delicious food that would provide my body with the necessary ingredients for health. And we eat foods like that every day without considering the glory of God inherent in such a (seemingly) tiny manifestation. Oh, how foolish we are.

So that is my fear. Forgetting the reason all of it exists. Forgetting the One who displays beauty in all His creation. Because He is beautiful and good.


At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I want to read your book when you're done! Will you be able to offer it to the public? I have one idea that you could do to remember your Creator. At the beginning or ending of each section, you could reference a Scripture about Him or a Christian quote about Him or your own quote that just comes to you as you view His handiwork. I think you are going to have such a great time doing this project...I'm so happy for you and of course want to see your pictures too! Have a great and glorious time for me! :o)


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