Sunday, March 16, 2008

My idea; stay back

I'm on my way to the copyright/patent office. And here's why.

My clothes don't fit.

Now, if you're a girl, you've probably experienced this same dilemma. Your clothes work well in the dressing room. But those first impressions can be deceiving. You buy something made for a long torso, when you've been gifted with a rather diminutive one. Your shirt behaves itself in those first introductions, and you decide it's worth keeping. But you're disappointed after you've let go of your money, and you're not going to stand in line at the WalMart service counter over a shirt.

In enters the store where your measurements ARE the store name. All the store sells is your measurements, in all styles. Store brand A caters to the ectomorph who just stepped off the cover of Vogue magazine. Store brand B caters to the less gifted in stature, perhaps to the petite. And the beauty of the concept is that no one is trying to hide it, and that once you get your measurements, you are directed to "Such and Such" store where you don't even really need to try anything on to see if you look absolutely ridiculous in it. Because more often than not, it's best to skip those first few deceiving impressions and get right to the heart of the matter. It's a fit, or it's not. And there's no sense shopping in Store F, for example, when you can find the exact same shirt in Store Q that doesn't make you look like you raided your kid brother's closet. Unless that's the look you're going for. In which case, well, you're not our target market.


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