Friday, March 28, 2008

I have to admit. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my own failures and failings, and when looking at the Bible, can feel nothing but condemnation and guilt. I open the pages sometimes and think" where do I begin?" How do I handle this situation, or that problem or this person? And then I remember the simplicity of the command: Love. It fleshes itself out in a myriad ways, but it all comes back to that one commandment. Love. May I continue to ruminate on how I can love with all of my actions and words. May I be more concerned with how my actions and words will affect others before I concern myself with how they affect me. I think that will not solve problems as much as it will give me a clearer understanding of how Christ commands us to approach them. Then I can leave the results up to Him.

Love for God. Love for man.


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