Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another random and disjointed blog entry

I'm on the ride of my life at the moment. Spiritually speaking. Letting go of what I want in life is so hard, because there is the great fear that I will be made miserable by it. That if this is the one thing that I've always wanted, well, only a fool would stop pursuing that. Only a fool would let it go and seek to want Christ alone, and whatever comes with Him. That is what my mind constantly wants to remind me. But on the other hand, what evidence would I have to show that the Lord is ready and willing to be true to His promises? What proof would I have that He is true to His Word if I was not willing to put my earthly desires aside, to stop striving for them, and to wait for them to come to me in His time? What proof would I have that He is superior to all if I did not seek Him above all else, and be filled? How could I tell someone that He is worth it, if I did not see nor feel His worth? If I did not seek Him as rare and costly treasure? If I did not let Him lead me into a wasteland to be fed by ravens? Oh, what trust! Oh, what sacrifice! How much one must hate the world to follow Him? And yet, there is so much more to be enjoyed in this world when we set aside our own sketches of what it looks like outside, and actually open the door to see for ourselves. We may be so afraid that it will not look like the sketches and ideas we've been clinging to, and that we'll be disappointed by what we see. So we peer intently into the pictures we've drawn, longing to be made joyful by them. Walking in the trust we profess to have in Christ sometimes means putting the sketches down on the table, and going over to the door to open it and look outside at what He has actually made.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger donsands said...

I was once as your words put forth here. But I am not the same Christian as I was as a firey young convert.

I do love Christ, but I'm caught up in so many other things, that I'm afraid Christ has become less than He should be in my heart and life. I long to simply repent, and then become a firey follower of Jesus once again.
I cry to Him to help me, and He does, but it's a struggle. I wish the Lord would take me home at times.

Thanks for the random post. It made my heart stir within me.

I used to sing, "Take this whole world, but give me Jesus!" And I really meant it. But that has left me, and I need it back. Hopefully His grace will pour through me once again, and I will let all things go for Christ, and His love.


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