Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A quick sketch of what's been going on in my mind lately.

First, the great imperative to finish what you start. I have finished a great deal, but I have also started much that I have left unfinished. Now, I believe this is a character issue and should not be taken lightly. If one does not finish the small things, how, then, does one distinguish between what is small and what is large? It is a character issue that extends to all reaches and is liable to extend to something that one would lose a great deal from should it extend too far.

Second, it is probably most wise to continue the course you are taking if it is not immoral, illegal, or fattening. Sometimes, it is wise to slow it down a bit, but if there is nothing in view threatening to blow you off course, well, keep going. Sometimes, those things are blessings that just need to be appreciated, and not extensively exploited. It is wise, indeed, to know how far to take that.

Third, you know, we're all a lot alike. I feel relieved to know that others struggle with the same problems I do, and more often than not, when I hear this, I deeply desire to give them the same encouragement that I need. Perhaps this is why we all struggle with much of the same, although manifest in different ways. I am amazed at how much I have in common with people I would otherwise think I have nothing in common with. Simply because we're fallen human beings, we have probably got a lot of common ground to draw from if we only stop and listen to what the other is saying.

Finally, I'm pretty sure I won't miss anything if I just keep doing what I'm already doing. It is like being in a slow moving traffic jam on the highway. If you're like me, you swerve to try to see as far ahead of the guy in front of you as possible. It's not enough to just sit there and inch along, all the while staring at the bumper in front of you. But sometimes that's all we should be doing.

And I've been sleeping. A lot. I think I'm just now catching up from the chase in May. I feel guilty laying on the couch reading, but then I quickly dismiss my guilt and send it off to find something better to do with its time than harass me. Sometimes, resting just happens to be a better use of my time than anything else.

PS. It's cold and rainy out in West Texas. I looked at the Lubbock T/Td spread this morning. 62.5/61. Those numbers alone gave me the sensation of the cold atmosphere condensing on my skin. Yuck. This may mean a curtailed dust devil season, too. It was over before it had a chance to begin.


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