Monday, June 30, 2008

A lot to be thankful for

Lately, it seems that I have been mulling over the circumstances in my life that seem to be unassailable. My health. It's in such a shoddy state at times. And my job. I can't possibly do what one in my position ought to be able to do (see previous circumstance for reason).

But I sat at work today and just realized how thankful I must be. I have been carefully tended to by a wise a loving and gracious God. He hasn't been far off, but near. He has seen my every circumstance, and has answered in His loving and wise way. He knows my infirmities, all of them, and yet when I consider what I do at work, I see that I have been put right where I need to be to fulfill a tiny role that He has created for me to do. I have nothing to worry about. No matter my professional credentials or my ability, He has given me a tiny role to fill that has met all my physical needs.

Tonight I will go home utterly thankful to have the tiny hovel I do to call home. For air conditioning and food. For cats to greet me as if their whole world revolved around me and they can't bear the thought that I was gone all day. For the means to afford medical care and transportation, and still to pay off my debts. But mostly for my faith, which is not my own, bringing me to salvation, also a gift.


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