Friday, May 02, 2008

My Sven

My faith in the electron was further bolstered last night by the successful connection and transmission on the mobile ham. I do not feel any ill effects from such close proximity to any radio waves, so I think I will not fry any of my companions with my outfit. I drove to Dallas last night to meet up with a fellow chaser, and on the way listened to many interesting conversations, including the Irving RACES storm spotter training (done over the radio), a conversation in Sacramento from a repeater installed on the top of Mt. Shasta, a meeting of Waxahachie hams, and a discussion about successfully disinfecting a vet clinic using a strictly measured 6:1 water to bleach ratio left for at least 10 minutes. I also learned about CTCSS after a bit of frustration (which, in my opinion, should have been on the test).

I think mostly this radio will be for amusement and enjoyment on long trips, though I haven't taken one of those in a long time. I've been doing more flying than driving lately. And I get Sven, the NOAA WeatherBot. Listening to him is like listening to an old friend. He faithfully recounts the hourly weather reports at nearby airports and gives the latest NWS weekly outlooks. I also like hearing him say "strong capping inversion." Really makes my day. :)

I hope this is the extent of my interaction with amateur radio, but if you see me at Texas Towers with a wild look in my eye muttering things like "more power," just hand me the dipole and walk away slowly.


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