Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Vacation Paradise!!!

I was in the air on Thursday when the apartment office called me. I had a package! With the busy schedule, I completely forgot until today. I walked in and she handed me an FTD box. Flowers! Oh no!

I opened them to read my lovely chase partner, Jenna's, congratulatory note on my accomplishment. "Congratulations, Architect Perez! I am as proud of you as there are square miles in Cherry County! Love, Jenna."

Cherry County, NE, the largest county in Nebraska, has been the bane of our existence on the plains (although it is a self-proclaimed vacation paradise), and we've had the luck (?) of driving through it each year we've gone chasing. Tour director Bill Reid loves it. We think the sandhills are a wee bit too monotonous. And the road network is very poor. Can you guess which highway we've had the luxury of traveling through each year?

And the orchids and roses are yet another example of the marvel of God's creation.


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