Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Knowing and Loving your God

Continuing through Overcoming Sin and Temptation, Justin Taylor writes on the more crucial aspect of the mortification of sin. This isn't a fleshly exercise. It must be borne out of a love for God, or it is useless. He writes:

- Affirming the importance of honest introspection does not blind Owen to the fact that this exercise will lead a person to despair if it is not also paralleled with a study of the grace of God.

- Obedience rightly understood is always a response to God's love.

- True and lasting resistance to sin comes not through willpower and self-improvement but through the Spirit who empowers believers with a knowledge and love of God.

- The fundamental difference between Owen's proposal and self-help programs is that he believes that only as the Spirit communicates the grace and love of the Father to us can we experience genuine relief.

- Sanctification involves both putting sin to death and becoming free to love and obey.

Daniel at Doulogos once tackled this very subject in a few posts here and there. This is one I found to be particularly helpful.


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