Thursday, April 17, 2008

Truth is the most glorious thing; the least filling of this gold is precious. What shall we be violent for if not for truth? Truth is ancient; its grey hairs may make it venerable; it comes from Him who is the ancient of days. Truth is unerring; it is the star that leads to Christ. Truth is pure (Psalm 119:140). It is compared to silver refined seven times (Psalm 12:6). There is not the least spot on truth’s face; it breathes nothing but sanctity. Truth is triumphant; it is like a great conqueror; when all his enemies lie dead, it keeps the field and sets up its trophies of victory. Truth may be opposed, but never quite deposed…When the water in the Thames is lowest, a high tide is ready to come in. God is on truth’s side, and so long as there is no fear it will prevail.” -- Thomas Watson


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