Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dear God,

I really enjoyed the afternoon drive from church. The loud thunder as the morning convection spun off uninhibited over our church, the rain dampened ground on the drive home, the distant thunder to the north, sounding like shots fired from far off. Then there was the airplane that flew so low over the buildings, it looked like a red and while killer whale swimming through the air mere feet above the buildings and ground. All the while listening to WA Mozart's Piano Concerto in D minor, K. 466; 2nd movement. The rain cooled air wafting through the vents and the windows. My broken air conditioning hasn't mattered yet and it's July in Texas.

Now I'm off to enjoy the rain-cooled air and possibility of more thunderstorms as I ride my bike at the park and see the so-far undisturbed creation...

No, I'm not chasing today. You know the first rule of chasing: THOU SHALT NOT CHASE MORNING CONVECTION. Yessir, You wrote that rule.

See You tonight,



At 10:09 AM, Blogger carla said...

Some of my best "alone" times with the Lord have been driving, listening to beautiful music, and observing things in the sky.


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