Monday, November 10, 2008

I am trying to discipline myself to go through only one book at a time, but Marriage to a Difficult Man was sitting on the shelf next to my head this morning, and I pulled it down and read the foreword to the newest edition. This couple, Jonathan and Sarah Edwards, seems to occupy a high place in minds and hearts, but this edition seems to make their shortcomings more obvious, though missing the end to which they pressed through their sin, namely Christ. As I learn to sit and wait and be patient with the Lord and His sovereign timing and control of all things, I have come to endure a sort of love-hate relationship with my own sin. Namely, were I to not need a Savior, what great story do I have to tell?

To that end, humility is often far beyond my grasp, though I understand it is what is needed in order to see my sin, in order to understand my poverty and want. Yet we will exercise it to the greatest degree in Heaven as we worship. We so often forget that it is in humility that we approach God, either in prayer, communion with God in the Word, or in corporate worship on Sunday. How natural is it to come to the throne of God with no intention of adoring Him! With only our own needs in our hand!

Dear Lord, teach me patience, and grant me humility.


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