Tuesday, September 02, 2008

On fear

You want to know what the most frightening events are in my life?

My growth. When God clearly wants to take me above and beyond the only summit I know of, to a place I can't see. When He asks me to lay down my ambitions in life and follow Him through suffering and sacrifice. What human willingly follows on their own power? None that I know of. We boast of craving adventure, but we're not willing to risk everything for the greatest adventure of all, becoming more like Christ through the sacrifice of all we hold dear on this earth.

And I think that's because we know it's going to ask for more of us than we're currently willing to give. So we decide it's not worth continuing on. Where we're at is okay. Isn't it?

Oh, what pitiful humans we are. Praise God for His mercy on us to begin with, and continued patience when we deliberate the benefits and costs of following His leading to die to self, to decrease that He may increase. We deliberate the truth behind the words "power" and "strength" and "I can do all things" and "nothing is impossible for God."

Oh, that we would all crave, like seed, to fall to the earth and die so that we may live.


At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So very true. I do so want this also in my life, and yet like you, fear discomfort that sanctification brings. Or I just want to walk in my own way and have my own way. I too thank Him for His mercy that He will not leave us where we stand!


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