Thursday, August 28, 2008

As a believer, there is a certain natural order to things that must be observed.

1. God
2. Everything Else.

I realized this as I considered how to go about pursuing my passions, dreams and hobbies. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do with them except leave them in God's hands. It's not about walking away in a state of apathy. God certainly gave me these interests, but perhaps not with the intent that I pursue them in the manner that I have been. Not with the intent of going full steam ahead at everything, but with the manner of constant prayer and vigilance, and attending to the matters at hand.

Finding this balance has been the pursuit of my mind lately, and through Christ alone can I find that balance. ONLY, when He is at His rightful place as Lord of our lives, directing our every steps through the commands of His Word, only THEN do we have our priorities straightened well enough to find that balance.

Oh, and the caffeine has got to stop. The ability to think more clearly has been restored to me since I began the habit of restricting my coffee intake.


At 1:39 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

This post really helped me today. I can relate (and need much improvement)...both in the struggle to find balance and the struggle with caffeine!


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