Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thoughts about the Trip

The American landscape is wide and varied. Its changes are abrupt and unannounced. The hills drop to plains and then rise to hills again. The Rockies jut out of the earth with no great fanfare, their majesty speaks for itself. At one moment, the view is upward upon the buttes; at the next, the view is downward through riven valleys hewn in the rock, cushioned by grass, displaying a flat green expanse below.

The wind is just as abrupt in its vacillation. At one moment, still; at another moment, screaming northward by the jet. The tumbleweeds betray the seemingly calm air. Instead of indicating desolation, they bring a liveliness to the high plains.

And were no one to see it, it would still exist. Because it all gives praise to God. We humans are not necessary in order to glorify God, but we are given the ability to do so! The tumbleweeds have no choice, but we do! They praise and glorify their maker.

Let all the earth praise Him!


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