Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On doing hard things

Things that are difficult:

1. Being faithful with the little things. Like keeping the apartment swept clean and keeping up with exercise and staying faithful in the Word and prayer. Like getting to bed on time, and getting OUT of bed when the alarm goes off. Only getting the hot tea at Starbucks because it's the wisest use of my money.

2. Scheduling in the big stuff. Why is it that the small insignificant things that are selfish wastes of time seem to have no problem making their way into my day? Am I really that selfish?

3. Keeping up with relationships for the sake of the other person. It is easy to "work on" a relationship with people we enjoy being around. But what about the relationships that really require effort? Are they any less worthy of our time? What does this say about how I feel about my relationship with Christ, probably the most poignant and difficult-to-maintain relationship I will ever have?

4. Being holy. This one ought to be obvious. But so difficult.

Lord, make me ever mindful of my helplessness, and to deny any thought that any duty I faithfully maintain can recommend me more to you than any terrible deed can cast me off from you.


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