Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yet undiscovered country

On a more personal note, I think I need to stop drinking coffee... the caffeine is quite a negative physical drain. Perhaps maturing enough to get to bed early and in time to sleep long enough for a long bike ride in the morning should be the goal.

Yes, I think so.

Had a nice long talk with Jenna yesterday about the trip, my responsibilities as official contract labor, coinciding with Wednesday night's talk to the college group about taxing contract labor. God is always on time, to be sure.

Now, she and I just have to write up a contract.

And it would appear I can write off my expenses, which means I don't feel too bad about that memory card and external hard drive I just bought.

It would also appear that I am taking things more seriously. Photography isn't just about "what shots I get, I get" but about being responsible enough to back up my data because there is a lot riding on the line, and others are depending upon me. This is new territory. It is uncharted, to say the least. But that is what I love about life. It is all undiscovered country, frontier land, and each day requires a bit of courage and resilience to battle the elements of life.

Yet who supplies all our needs, from the homestead dugout to the new memory cards for the camera? Our God.


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