Friday, November 02, 2007

Let your light shine

Being a Christian is difficult. It is hard work.

But the greatest difficulty doesn't involve what they do to me.

Rather, it concerns what I do to them.

Am I making sense?

I am sincerely wrestling right now with pride. Humility. Keeping my mouth shut when it ought to be, and opening it just wide enough to let loose words that bless others instead of harm them, and glorify my God instead of betray Him.

So, in summary, if I don't get a handle on mortifying sin in the flesh (i.e. what I do to them), I won't be able to stand against those who seek to mortify my flesh while in my sin (i.e. what they do to me).

And in all things, cling to the cross. It is the single-most triumphant event. Ever.



At 7:07 AM, Blogger mark pierson said...


I know you strive for quiet times with Christ. This is good. There is where meditation on His Word takes place and transformation into Christlikeness by the Spirit.

Seek Him in prayer and meditation. Remember, the work on you is His, performed by Him, by His Spirit. He will empower you to mortify your flesh. Over time He will put you through some very humbling experiences. Those aren't pleasant; but they are necessary. (Of course you could head some of those experiences off by taking the route of humility by choice - much less painful that way)



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