Friday, August 03, 2007

Where are we headed? or Things aren't necessarily getting "better", people!

I had a wonderful time, as usual, having coffee with Gayla from Journey of the Heart. She lives practically right around the corner from me (plus a few miles). She's very honest about what she thinks, and desires to learn more. When we get together, I know it's not just to "keep the friendship going" as I remember doing with so many friends. With them, it was almost an obligation to get together. If there had been mutual cell phone number exchanges, and we went to the same church, it was almost an obligation to keep that friendship going. We also had no clue what doctrine was or that we should be concerned about sin or living a righteous life in all things. Oh, the folly of youth. Many a night wasted through idle talk in a Chili's booth.

Not so anymore. There are people out there who desire God. And who will answer your questions with the mind of Christ, given by God. And who point back to the Bible when there is confusion. Gayla's one of those people, just so you know.

After coffee, on my way home, I detoured to Best Buy to pick up a digital voice recorder to help with scripture memorization. Finding a good middle ground features-to-price-point ratio model, I took it to the register.

"Would you like to buy our warranty for $12?" From the sound of the sales pitch, she was selling me, basically, the ability to return this item for an exchange or in-store credit. I declined. Is this where we have arrived? We no longer guarantee our products, but would rather SELL you the ability to bring back something you paid for that doesn't work? How about rolling that into the sale price of the item, and extending it to ALL merchandise... for FREE!

A novel idea, I'm sure...

I got home and opened my new gadget. I read the instructions and my heart sank.


The grammar was horrible. Why do we Americans claim sovereignty if we subject ourselves to such poorly translated material? Why do we even think that English will be a majority language for long? And where it is spoken, will it even be spoken properly anymore? Will a legal document have such grammatical errors as to require allowing a criminal caught red-handed to go free?

Just some thoughts.

For the record, I do like my voice recorder. It comes with software to upload files to the computer...

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At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm humbled, Marcia. Thank you. I have come to really enjoy spending time with you. You are wise beyond your years. :)

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Even So... said...

I am so glad you girls have each is a blessing to meet with people of like precious faith...but don't tell Garry Weaver I said that...


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