Saturday, April 28, 2007

One month to go

In exactly a month I will be loading up the rented Jeep and heading out across the American Plains to search for the elusive tornado and all-around mesocyclone. I'm counting down the days, to be sure.

My chase partner, the lovely and EXTREMELY talented Jenna Blum, has informed me that she has the green light from the Boston Globe for a story about chasing for their travel section. She's ALSO pitching us to Travelgirl Magazine, and O Magazine. I may get a by-line this year. And if she's reading this, she's probably thinking "pshha, whatever, I got a stack of 'em over here." *grin* Well, okay, her English would be better than that, even in her head, I'm sure.

I've been stretching the shutter-release-finger, and taking the camera out for a spin. I need to get some rolls developed and weigh the option of taking the battle-tank with me, my rusty trusty, all-manual Pentax K1000. Ohhhh, and then there's the weighty task of reformatting the laptop. Taking everything off that I don't want to delete forever. That's the un-fun part.


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