Friday, July 18, 2008

This is where it all begins

Is this what it feels like when, as a meteorology student, one buys their very first anemometer?

I've purchased my own Kill-A-Watt. The journey has begun.

However, if I read one more site that calls the sun "renewable," I'm going to throw something. The sun is no more renewable than the oil and gas in the earth. The sun has a life to it, scientists tell us, first of all. Second of all, we know that God will destroy it all. It's here for a purpose. It all is. Let's stop trying to create a distinction between the two. By calling something "renewable," we are supposing that it is without end. But isn't this what was said would happen in Matthew 24? And in 2 Peter 3?

Argh. Could you hand me that brick?


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Matt said...

I've been looking for one of those!!! Where did you get it?

I'd love to hear about what you think of it


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